Senior Producer

by Mikutech

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2021

Job Description

Senior Producer

Ready to make a big impact on a small software company?
Mikutech tackles real world business problems using innovative and progressive technologies. It’s playful cousin,
Joydrop, entertains people with sparklingly new video gaming experiences.
Founded in 2012 and based in London, Ontario, Mikutech possesses the creativity and passion to conceive and construct
products that result in unmistakable impacts in medicine, education, or engineering. Mikutech, with know-how in
everything from business apps to virtual reality, can make it happen. We also make our own games under the label
Mikutech is comprised of a carefully vetted group of veteran developers, kept fresh by an ardent team of software and
media youngsters. Collectively, we’ve been doing this ever since personal computers have been bleeping and blooping
out ASCII characters on green and white monitors.
For further information please see our websites at and
Work Where You Live
Now that the pandemic has changed the way we all work, Joydrop has transitioned to a nearly 100% remote tech
company. As long as you live within the western hemisphere (North, Central and South America), we welcome your
Must Haves
• 5+ years of experience as producer/manager in the video game and interactive media industry.
• Rock-solid chops with Jira, Excel, and Google products.
• Experience managing all departments of a team from coders to testers to artists of all personality types from
introverted fretters to extroverted narcissists (though we have none of those at Joydrop/Mikutech).
• Credited with the successful shipping of at least 5 video game titles or equivalents.
• Specialties include agile project management, budgeting, content management, delivery, and quality control.
• An unflaggingly upbeat attitude coupled with a hard-nosed honesty regarding under-performance, deadlines,
budgets, and other unpleasant realities.
• A love of people and unending social energy; you are open, friendly and get along with everyone.
• Exceptional verbal and written skills; bonus points for public speaking ability.
• Top-notch organizational and time management skills.
• Experience managing diverse projects, from video games to educational or medical applications.
• Experience in client relations.
• Experience on medium to large-scale software development projects.
• Background as a programmer or data analyst.
• An extensive network of solution providers each with proven performance records.
• A nearly problematic passion for games of all types.
• Oversee all projects underway within the company and distribute and manage resources to each.
• Use project management techniques to achieve project objectives of quality, time, and cost.
• Organize and lead project status and working meetings.
Prepare and present progress reports.
• Proactively identify and mitigate project risks and issues.
• Manage project changes.
• Develop relationships with key stakeholders.
• Hold project teams accountable for their project responsibilities and deliverables.
• Proactively ensure that teams are communicating and aware of schedules, and issues.
• Plan and prioritize product delivery roadmaps and support key customer deployments.
• Champion continuous improvement and adoption of project management and agile software development
• Work closely with the CEO and senior management to assist in the daily operations.
• Provide administrative and logistical support.
• Assist in budgeting, financial analysis and time management.
• Coordinate and manage southwestern Ontario’s largest game industry event: Game Slice .
• Liaise with clients.
• Compensation & Employee Benefits
• We offer competitive compensation based on your experience.
• Flexible work hours, health benefits, minimum 3 weeks vacation, and more.

Before You Hit Send
Please send your package to jobs at Mikutech dot com. Make sure you provide us with a:
• Cover Letter
• Resume
• References
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