DevOps Engineer

by Info-Tech Research Group

Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Jun 13, 2022
Info-Tech Research Group

Job Description

DevOps Engineer 


Info-Tech is one of the world’s fastest-growing IT research and advisory companies, proudly serving over 30,000 IT professionals. We are looking for a strong DevOps Engineer to join our team.

Why join us?

When you join Info-Tech you get access to unlimited opportunities for professional growth and development in your field of expertise or areas you are interested in. We promote learning to help you be a better professional and we will also pay for some of those certifications.

You will work in a highly collaborative team that functions efficiently even in a remote work setting. You will have flexibility to work from home, at the office (located in London / Toronto Ontario and quite fun), or in a hybrid mode.

We offer great competitive salaries, benefits plan, and RRSP matching plans.

The DevOps Engineer’s role is to support, plan, facilitate and assist all activities related to the design, development, and implementation of application infrastructure including but not limited to acting as top tier support for the development teams and managers when required.

The DevOps Engineer may also be required to assist / perform updates to application code as well as supporting infrastructure.

This position will require a deep understanding of the application deployment pipelines, cloud infrastructure and security and automation tools surrounding this discipline.  Majority of the work performed in this role will be done within normal office hours, although there may be times when after-hours work is required for downtime on applications and infrastructure.

About Our Stack

Utilizing multiple facets of the AWS Cloud, we tend to favor hosting all within the same eco system. Hosted across multiple regions, we prefer to utilize the AWS Services before supporting our own implementations.  Hosted on Ubuntu OS we are primarily Ruby on Rails with a dash of PHP (Laravel) in the mix. 


  • Strengthen our application and environment security, applying standards and best practices and providing tooling to make development workflows more secure
  • Create, maintain, and iterate on our CI/CD processes for new and existing services
  • Increase the sophistication of our alerting and escalation mechanisms
  • Keep up to date on modern technologies and trends and advocate for their inclusion within products when it makes sense
  • Help increase system performance with a focus on high availability and scalability
  • Propose, scope, design, and implement various infrastructure architectures
  • Work collaboratively with multiple agile teams to help deliver end-to-end products and features, seeing them through from conception to delivery
  • Continue to keep the lights on (day-to-day administration)
  • Help define, document, evolve, and evangelize high engineering standards and best practices across multiple areas
  • Move quickly and intelligently - seeing technical debt as your nemesis

Ideal candidate profile: 

Formal Education & Certification

  • Three-year college diploma or university degree in computer systems design or computer science, and/or 5 years equivalent work experience preferred.

 Knowledge & Experience

  • 2+ years of professional experience as a DevOps / System Engineer.
  • 5+ years of professional Development experience (Ruby on Rails, Laravel, MVC, etc).
  • Extensive Experienced on a Linux console.
  • Comfortable with terminal scripting (Bash, Ruby, etc).
  • Extensive experience working within AWS and with its managed products (EC2, RDS, Route53, S3, IAM, Elasticache, ElasticSearch, Virtual Private Networks, etc).
  • Strong understanding of network configuration and security (NACLs, Security Groups, CIDR Ranges).
  • Experience working with automation tooling (Terraform, etc).
  • Experience with Capistrano and other deployment tools.
  • Experience with Semaphore or similar managed and self-hosted CI/CD tooling (Jenkins, Travis, Drone, Mule, Spinnaker).
  • Experience working in and advocating for agile environments.
  • Experience working on high-traffic, international systems.
  • Familiar with software security best practices.
  • Understanding of monitoring tools (CloudWatch, UptimeRobot, etc).
  • Experience with containers is a plus (Docker, Compose, ECS, Kubernetes).

 In addition, you will succeed if you are/have:

  • Efficient, organized, and follow through on commitments.
  • have great analytical skills, and pay attention to detail.
  • Able to stay calm under pressure, have a great work ethic, and communicate well.
  • Experience working in a highly collaborative, team environment.
  • A drive for excellence and do not accept the mundane.
  • Urge for a higher standard. Be proactive.
  • Be open to new ideas and personal feedback
  • Try new things. Fail and learn from failure.

Info-Tech Research Group of companies is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion and does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected status or characteristic including Minority/Female/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Disability/Veteran and are pleased to consider all qualified applicants. To that end, upon request, ITRG will ensure, to the extent possible, that accommodation be made available to applicants throughout the recruitment and hiring process.

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